The wedding flower wall: A growing inspiration

Seasoned florist Maud  presents today one of her dreams come true: the creation of a wedding flower wall . Imagine a floral composition with vertical , seasonal bouquets with custom tones extending over the entire wall! The goal? The idea, terribly poetic and refreshing, is to feel in a greenhouse of flowers , to be intoxicated by the relaxing or sparkling scent of these plants and as Ivy P oison to  get fresh ideas in contact with the plants ( without the kissing kissing side to his half of course … ). 

In addition to these graphic and fragrant qualities, this wall of beautiful plants will serve as a romantic backdrop for your  wedding or photobooth  photos but also for your  videos  with the testimonies of your families and guests.

The small most flowered: A Bar with flowers souvenir!

But you have not seen everything, this brilliant florist  offers the overflowing imagination to decline the concept by offering a ” flower bar”!
Your  guests can compose their  bouquet of flowers themselves, trying to combine beautifully the panel of plants available: mix types, colors and scents for a fun activity with unique results.

wedding animation  that will delight your most creative guests  , and will entertain young and old with a nice bonus in the colors of your D-Day!

If you too feel inspired by this wedding flower wall , do not hesitate any more and contact Maud for more information.

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